The Highwaymen
  • Curtis Arnett
  • Hezekiah Baker
  • Al Black
  • Ellis Buckner
  • George Buckner
  • Robert Butler
  • Mary Ann Carroll
  • Johnny Daniels
  • Willie Daniels
  • Rodney Demps
  • James Gibson
  • Alfred Hair
  • Issac Knight
  • Robert L. Lewis
  • John Maynor
  • Roy McLendon
  • Alfonso Moran
  • Harold Newton
  • Lemuel Newton
  • Sam Newton
  • Livingston Roberts
  • Willie Reagan
  • Cornell Smith
  • Charles Walker
  • Sylvester M. Wells
  • Charles Wheeler

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Appraise Backus Painting. Manor Auctions, a national Fine Art Auction Gallery & art appraiser provides A.E. Backus art appraisals. Backus paintings define Florida landscape & wildlife art.

A.E. Backus "Beanie" was a well-known Florida painter, artist, teacher and philanthropist, recognized primarily for his Florida wildlife and landscape paintings. Manor Auctions is a leading national Fine Art Auction Gallery involved in the appraisal and sale of original Albert Backus paintings. Manor offers a not cost appraisal consultation for your painting and travels nationally in the acquisition of Backus and other original Fine Art.

Backus paintings remain in great demand today. His artworks can be found hanging in museums and collections around the world.

If you are wanting to sell your A.E. Backus painting, Manor offers to purchase outright or generous consignment terms in their Fine Art Catalog Auctions.

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